Wow, I can not believe it has been over a month since I posted - time sure flies when you are traveling around the world like I have been!

On to IDF Day 1.  The Keynotes given by Paul Ottellini (Intel CEO) & Dadi Perlmutter (Executive VP for Intel Architecture).

My take-aways from Ottellini:

  • He called his keynote "The changing face of personal computing"
  • Much of the focus was on the opportunities for their Atom architecture
  • Spiked out Automotive, home automation, smart phones and smart TV and highlighted the high penetration of smart devices across these markets
  • Intel’s key focus in 2010-2011 and beyond will be ‘seamless connectivity’  this is what the world is demanding
  • The industry hit a new milestone in 2010 with PCs passing the 1MU per day shipment rate
    • Cited 18 percent unit growth this year and next year for overall PC markets.
    • Indicated strong shift to laptops driven from one-pc-per-household to one-pc-per-person
  • Highlighted the "Three Pillars" of computing:
    • Energy efficient performance
    • Security
    • Internet connectivity

And my take-aways from Perlmutter:

  • Human interaction with computer needs to evolve from mouse and keyboard to gestures and natural
  • Communications Infrastructure shifting to Intel architecture
  • No real mention of either SuperSpeed USB or LightPeak

Demo Showcase Night 1 Observations:

  • SuperSpeed USB Community has ~ 12 booths
  • Silicon suppliers in showcase are: TI, Renesas (NEC), Fujitsu, Genesys Logic, Fresco Logic
  • Most attendees are still not familiar with SuperSpeed USB
    • Specifically that it is backwards compatible at the connector level
    • New electrical signalling
  • Lots of discussion on SuperSpeed USB vs. LightPeak - see previous blog on this topic for more information.
  • The "when" of Intel's chipsets!!!

If you are attending IDF this year, what cool things did you see or hear?