Other Parts Discussed in Post: TUSB8040

Dan Harmon back with you fresh off a trip to Taipei to attend and exhibit at the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Developer's Conference held on April 1st & 2nd.

Jeff Ravencraft, USB-IF President and Chairman kicked off the two day event in his typical dynamic fashion.  Some areas of emphasis during Jeff's talk incude
- Device charging over USB is now a major consumer feature
- 10+ billion unit installed base, shipping at 3+ billion/year
- Renesas has assumed the NEC position on the USB 3.0 Promoter's Group as a result of the finalization of their merger on 4/1.

Jeff spent time going over the key values that the USB 3.0 Promoter group focused on including eliminating End-user impatience by delivering SuperSpeed Sync & Go perfomance, refreshing and extending the USB infrastructure and goodwill, and delivering excellent power efficiency for mobile platforms.

The USB-IF issued a PR today that references that there are now 75 certified USB products including ASUS, GIGABYTE, HP & Fujitsu motherboards and/or systems; consumer products from WD, SIIG, I/O Interconnect, Buffalo, I-O Data, Heisei, RATOC; and finally silicon solutions from ASmedia, Fujitsu, Genesys Lucidport, NEC, Symwave, and finally yours truly TI.  Jeff said that the goal is to have at least 100 certified products by the Intel Developers Forum to be held in Beijing on April 13 & 14 - only two weeks later!   Jeff unveiled a wall of products:

The keynote demo showed two full 1080p HD displays rendering full HD content from a single PC over a single SuperSpeed USB connection.  The highlight for me was that the single connection to the host PC was enabled by our SuperSpeed USB hub (TUSB8040) which then enabled two of the DisplayLink USB-to-HDMI platforms to be used simultaneously.  While I do not have a video link for the keynote, here is a video featuring Theo Goguely of DisplayLink showing a single USB-to-HDMI setup, again utilizing our SuperSpeed USB silicon in the TI booth atthe DevCon.

Lee Atkinson of HP followed Jeff in the keynote to discuss the pervasiveness of USB and HP's commitment to USB.  The final two particpants in the keynote were Tony Chen of ASUSTek and Henry Kao of GIGABYTE.  Read more on their presentations here.

You can see all of the presentations by going here on the USB-IF website.

As I mentioned in my previous installment - the market is now and is really gaining momentum. 

Let me know what type of SuperSpeed USB Product you plan to launch and when?

Talk to you again after Beijing IDF, Dan