Other Parts Discussed in Post: TUSB9260

Dan Harmon back with you to discuss my favorite topic - SuperSpeed USB 3.0. 

One of the big issues swirling around SuperSpeed USB today is WHEN?

When will I be able to buy a PC that has USB 3.0?  When will products start appearing?  When can will silicon suppliers have product?

The answer to all of these questions is NOW!

If you were at CES or read any of the post-CES press, then will have seen the list of notebook models that were shown that had SuperSpeed USB 3.0 native to the system.  HP showed the Envy 15.  Fujitsu had the MV-BIBLO NF/G70.  ASUS had at least 9 models that counted that all featured the new technology!  In addition, desktop montherboards announced from GigaByte and ASUS.  Multiple external storage peripherals were also announced.  All told there were over a dozen end-products announced at CES.

If there are end products, then there must be silicon suppliers providing certified silicon as well.  Multiple vendors have had their silicon certified for use by end-customers.   TI is amongst those who are developing multiple products to serve this market and our TUSB9260 is among the over 50 total products (both end products and silicon) that have now been certified.

Check out this video of our CES demo to see what we do have in the works and let me know what you think!