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The greatest show and tell on earth – Day one recap

As day one of Maker Faire Bay Area comes to a close, we still can’t believe some of the incredible projects we got to see! From giant cupcakes rolling around to a huge LED cat, there’s a little bit of something for everyone. Here are our highlights:

At the booth we showed a couple of great LaunchPad™, SensorTag and BoosterPack demos. The Internet of Popcorn machine isn’t just any popcorn machine. It has an added MSP430 LaunchPad and CC3100 Wi-Fi BoosterPack to control the cooking process through the internet, then tweet out every time a fresh batch is ready. If you’re at the show, be sure to follow #IoPopcorn on Twitter to get updates on when to come by and grab popcorn tomorrow.

In addition to the Internet of Popcorn demo, our booth is also housing the Power Wheels demo built by Trey German as well as the Wi-Fi Doorbell and a smart thermostat demo.  

Trey German and Jason Kridner took the Maker: Electronics stage.

Jason gave a talk about Linux and web servers for teaching electronics in his first session. In his second session he talked about why BeagleBone is open hardware.

Trey gave a session about his Power Racing series demo and secrets on how to build your own!

All of this was only day one and we can’t to see what else the show has in store. If you were at the show, what has been your favorite part so far?

Be sure to check out what the smart hat had to say about the first day in Lee Goldberg’s EDN recap.

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