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The greatest show and tell on earth – Day two recap

Maker Faire is winding down and while we are sad to see it come to a close, we’re still excited about all the new technology we saw this year. This show is a great place to come and get inspired about all the new ways we can put our tools to use.

We love checking out all of the new projects every year that include TI technology. From a hovercraft that shoots out shirts in a crowd to a 13-year-old maker that uses LaunchPad™ and BeagleBone Black in more projects that we can count, we have met some amazing Makers that are using our parts in innovative ways.

Trey German gave a talk about his DIY connected appliances and Jason Kridner taught everyone how simple it can be to build your own 3D printer.

We also had a chance to check out projects from other Makers and really loved getting to visit the dark room to see all of the LED projects.

And to round out the weekend, we caught the final race of the Power Racing series. Our car wasn’t able to race this weekend due to a motor drive failure, but Trey is hard at work to resolve the issue and we already have our eye on the competition so we can be at the front of the pack in Maker Faire New York.

Lastly, we wanted to congratulate for winning an editor’s choice award for the Sitara™-based BeagleBone Black!

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