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Discover technology – The TI MCU design contest, part one

To celebrate the discoverer in all of us, Texas Instruments India held the microcontroller (MCU) design contest to expand the technical knowledge of engineers across the country. We presented a platform to showcase all the top engineering projects across India that display innovation, design proficiency and technical adeptness. The contest has been running in three different phases that involved contestants developing designs using TI MCUs. Let’s see what some of the inventors created through this challenge:

Ever wondered how difficult it would be for a person with hand or limbs disabilities to operate a wheel chair? To solve this predicament, the Boschers team presented a speech controlled wheelchair with a robotic arm. The aim of the Boschers’ project was to build a voice controlled wheelchair with a robotic arm that is operational through one’s speech command. The robotic arm can be controlled with the same speech recognition module. This project can be easily implemented in real life at a low cost, making it an affordable for those with disabilities. A demonstration video of this unique wheelchair can be viewed here.

The concept of a pressure-controlled system for brace treatment of Scoliosis was developed when a family member of the Immense Engineering Research team was hospitalized due to Scoliosis. In order to overcome the drawbacks present in the conventional bracing treatment based on pressure exertion and regulation, the team came up with a design to reduce pain and augment the treatment process with the right amount of pressure control. Watch the demonstration in detail here.

Have you ever locked yourself out of the house because you left your keys lying around? To solve this problem, the “Smarty Bag” is here to keep track of your day-to-day belongings. Smarty Bag is an RFID-based reminder system that can keep us from misplacing important personal belongings.  After you connect your belongings to the RFID card and place them in the bag, you will receive a notification on your mobile phone each time you try to leave the house without one of the items. See it in action here.

Mass parking spaces are a must at shopping malls, cinema theaters and offices, but sometimes finding a parking lot can be such a Herculean task. To solve this common problem, the Maven Systems team developed an advanced parking management system that will pinpoint available parking slots to drivers, eliminating the tedious job of hunting for vacant spots. The solution makes use of motion sensors and Bluetooth® modules to detect the occupancy status of a parking lot. Users will have a smartphone application to guide them to the nearest free parking location when they enter. See it for yourself here.

Stay tuned next week to see more projects entered in the design challenge!