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Looking to create ‘the next big thing’? Look no further than TI's Maker and DIY community! Launch your design with TI's low-cost, community-supported development platforms. Begin rapid prototyping applications in minutes with our microcontroller-based LaunchPad kits, Sitara™-processor-powered BeagleBoards and SimpleLink™ wireless connectivity SensorTags.

Want to go to space? TI parts could help you get there

It’s not unusual to hear children dream of being an astronaut and heading into space. Were you one of those kids? You haven’t missed your chance yet!

Hackaday, along with TI and several other sponsors, is hosting its annual Hackaday Prize contest. Whether you consider yourself a Maker, designer, engineer or something else completely, Hackaday is asking you to submit electronic products that could help the environment; from monitoring and preventing pollution to storing and transporting food to those in need around the world. Your design could potentially earn you a grand prize trip to space or one of several other exciting prizes.

No matter where you come from, there is always a way to improve your community. Solve a problem that matters to you by using a LaunchPad microcontroller (MCU) development kit, BeagleBone Black, or the new SimpleLink™ SensorTag  development kit and you could be the winner that claims the prize.

Get inspired by some of the entries in the Texas Instruments category here and make sure you enter your design for the chance to win!

What problem are you hoping to solve? Let us know in the comments!

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