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Beagles! Beagles everywhere!

Are you attending Maker Faire New York this weekend? We’ve already told you about the speaking sessions hosted by Trey German, LaunchPad applications manager but now we want to talk about where you can find BeagleBone Black at the show! 

First things first, a member of the community, Phil Polstra is giving a talk at the Make: Electronics Stage on Sunday from 12:30-1:00 p.m. on BeagleBone Black: Desktop in Your Palm.

During this talk, Phil will discuss using BeagleBone Black as a desktop replacement by using ZigBee networking to coordinate applications across devices. You don’t want to miss this.

In addition to the talk, there will be a ton of Makers at the show showing off their projects that feature BeagleBones. Here are some of the top projects to keep an eye out for:

The Debrew – A delta-bot making hand-brew dripper coffee (Zone 4)

Cubes from the near future – A wall of 32x3D cubes react to whispers, laughs and more (Zone 1)

NYC Resistor – Visit one of the oldest hackerspaces in the US at the show (Zone 1)

Perfect coffee machine – A brand new coffee machine that will potentially change the way we consume coffee (Zone 3)

Full Spectrum Laser – Designs, manufactures and sells a range of consumer and industrial grade products (Zone 3)

Orbital Rendersphere 3.0 – A massive, interactive spherical display (Zone 2)

Seeed Studio – Check out the new BeagleBone Green at Seeed’s hardware innovation platform (Zone 3)

Get started with BeagleBone Black – Learn about BeagleBone Black and whether it’s right for your next project (Zone 2) – David Scheltema technical editor for Make Magazine will also be giving a short talk on Saturday from 10:30-10:45 a.m. at the Make: DIY stage.

If you’re not able to attend, have no fear! We will be blogging about all the trends our Makers see at the Faire this year so keep checking back.

Don’t forget to tweet us with anything interesting you learn or see at the show @TXInstruments!

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