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Introducing the Sidekick Basic Kit for TI LaunchPad™

Introducing the Sidekick Basic Kit for TI LaunchPad

Just in time for your next project, the Sidekick Basic Kit for TI LaunchPad™ development kit is now available for purchase. The Sidekick line of kits from Seeedstudio offer customers a quick way to evaluate custom circuits with many of the popular microcontroller development kits available on the market. This expansive kit of commonly used breadboard components pairs well with the TI LaunchPad using the included Breadboard BoosterPack™ plug-in module. The Breadboard BoosterPack brings all the IO from the LaunchPad connectors to a breadboard enabling easy and repeatable circuit creation. The Sidekick is the perfect electronics prototyping accessory for classrooms, workbenches, labs, hackathons, and makerspaces. 

The kit includes loose components, wires, and a breadboard to compliment your TI LaunchPad development kit. This will allow handy access to resistors, capacitors, switches, LEDs, buzzer, diode, shift register, transistors, potentiometers, temperature sensors, and much more. The manual includes 10 different example circuits but many more are possible by gathering additional components or using creativity.  This is a must have item for any LaunchPad developer!

Have a project that requires some basic components? The Sidekick can quickly help you stock your workbench with common resistors, capacitors, LEDs, switches, and buttons without having to go to a specialty store or paying big markup for individual parts online. Need to teach a basic electronics class to a group of students? The Sidekick paired with a LaunchPad development kit is the perfect way to teach circuits and entry level programming. Access all the documentation and circuit examples at

You can find and order the Sidekick at Mouser Electronics, Digi-Key Electronics, NKC Electronics and Seeedstudio today!