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Meet the new e-paper Extension Kit Gen 2 by Pervasive Displays

Pervasive Displays EPD Extension Kit Gen 2 is the perfect way to start developing e-paper-based applications. E-paper technology is great for ultra-low power applications – once text or an image is pushed to the display, no power is required to keep the content on the screen. The EPD Extension Kit Gen 2 supports various e-paper display sizes, ranging from 1.44” to 4.2”. The EPD Extension kit works with MSP430F5529 microcontroller (MCU), MSP432P401R MCU and TM4C LaunchPad development kits.

Read a full review here.

Get the e-paper BoosterPack plug-in module here.

  • I have read about this Gen 2 before. But, I notice when you buy this at Digikey it is not bundled with a e-paper. Not like the first one.

  • Due to this new generation board works with 9 models of display, it would be too many sets if we bundled each display with one board.

    Find the "Purchase Note:" at the left bottom area to get the items (display, board and LaunchPad) from DigiKey.