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Looking to create ‘the next big thing’? Look no further than TI's Maker and DIY community! Launch your design with TI's low-cost, community-supported development platforms. Begin rapid prototyping applications in minutes with our microcontroller-based LaunchPad kits, Sitara™-processor-powered BeagleBoards and SimpleLink™ wireless connectivity SensorTags.

Changes to TI Launch Your Design blog

Thank you for following TI’s Launch Your Design blog. Moving forward, all new posts about TI’s low-cost, modular development kits and software solutions will be published on ConnecTIng Wirelessly, MSP low-power plays or The Process. Existing Launch Your Design content will continue to be searchable on the web and

We invite you to subscribe to one of the three embedded processing blogs for technical solutions, industry trends and insights for designing with embedded technology.

  • ConnecTIng Wirelessly: Latest products and trends for wireless and wired microcontrollers.
  • MSP low-power plays: News, tips and design resources for TI’s MSP430™ microcontrollers.
  • The Process: Updates on new products, trends and design resources from TI’s processor experts.

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