A big congrats and “high 5” for ARCHOS!

As you can tell by now, here at TI we're pretty excited about the promise of Android community, as well as the great traction that our OMAP 3 platform is receiving.  Today we get to celebrate milestones with both as ARCHOS today unveiled their Android-based ARCHOS 5 Internet tablet, which takes the personal multimedia experience to a whole new level. The ARCHOS 5 is built with a solid collection of TI technologies - including an OMAPTM 3 processor, NaviLinkTM solution, WiLinkTM solution and analog components - that together enable awesome device capabilities, like:    

  • Uncompromised, full web browsing experience that leverages the ARM® CortexTM-A8 core, with performance up to 800Mhz
  • 720p (HD) video playback all formats up to H.264 HP
  • A compelling, intuitive user interface
  • Stunning performance at low, smartphone-like power budgets  
  • "Always-on" connectivity in all user environments for seamless data connections (WLAN/BT/FM and GPS)

Besides sporting these eye-catching features, the ARCHOS 5 is another proof point as to why we stand committed to Android. Our engineers work diligently with the Android platform during OMAP 3 processor development and validation, which helps customers bring cool new devices to consumers' hands quickly in an open environment. In fact, the ARCHOS team noted in a Feb. 9, 2009 press release that they selected TI's products not only for their low-power and high performance, but to leverage the company's experience in developing compelling, highly-competitive Android-based products: "The level of software investment made by TI on the Android platform allows ARCHOS to quickly and cost effectively deliver an Android-based device that supports advanced features such as the newly integrated voice capabilities."

ARCHOS team: We're thrilled for you, and can't wait to get our hands on our very own ARCHOS 5! Congrats.