Our TI team would like to extend warm congratulations to TCL for the official launch of the Android 4.0-based OT986 and S900 devices, announced at events this past week. These products – which include our OMAP4460 processor, WiLink 7.0 connectivity combo solution, and complimentary power management and audio devices – are two further examples of TI’s commitment to deliver the most advanced mobile user experiences to the China market.


Serving as the “brain” of the OT986 and S900, the OMAP4460 processor enables interactive, sleek user experiences while also making sure the battery life is as optimized as possible. The processor includes an integrated Image Signal Processor (ISP), which enables OT986 and S900 users to enjoy high-definition camera capabilities and capture the most enhanced, life-like images with their phones. With an IVA multimedia accelerator and an integrated POWERVR SGX540 graphics accelerator, the OMAP4460 processor also makes graphics “pop” and drives speedy, multi-dimensional user interfaces. Most importantly, the processor’s smart multicore architecture intelligently decides how to split tasks between the dual ARM Cortex-A9 cores and its many accelerators. This ensures snappy multitasking, and lets users work hard and play hard with their devices, without compromising battery life.


Aside from outstanding processor performance, we know that it’s also critical that OT986 and S900 users have always-on, robust connectivity options. Our WiLink 7.0 solution leverages seven generations of proven technology to bring robust connectivity to OT986 users anytime, anywhere. As the industry’s first chip to integrate Wi-Fi, GPS, FM and Bluetooth technologies, WiLink 7.0 allows the OT986 and S900 devices to work as a gateways to the Internet, GPS trackers, Bluetooth transmitters, FM radios, voice and other connected services. But, it’s not just about what the core technologies can do individually. With successful coexistence mechanisms, we’ve trained them to work as one robust team. This efficiency allows OT986 users to seamlessly switch between connectivity technologies, and multitask without performance or power glitches.


Again, we are thrilled to have worked with TCL to bring OT986 and S900 users the full benefits of our OMAP4460 processor and WiLink 7.0 connectivity chip. They will surely make their mark as the latest Android 4.0 devices to hit the China market!