On the eve of Mobile World Congress 2012, the industry is buzzing with anticipation. Undoubtedly, new smartphones, tablets and emerging devices demonstrated at the show will wow us all.

I am most excited to fully unwrap our OMAP 5 processors for the world to witness the power and performance their smart multicore architecture delivers in real-life applications. The OMAP 5 platform’s provides amazing graphics performance for fluid high-resolution UI and cool games, super-secure buffer-protected video streaming, 1080p-60 video playback, lightning-fast Web  page loads and so much more. 

We have more exciting news to share about the new markets and opportunities we see for OMAP processors at the show. But for now, take a look at how fast the OMAP 5 processor can load graphically-rich Web pages while playing an MP3 and downloading a 500MB video file  versus a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor. Let’s just say that the OMAP 5 smart multicore architecture outperforms: Check it out here.

This is a real-world scenario, folks. There is absolutely nothing fixed in this demo. We ran the app on both devices and had no interaction with them. Here are some other notes:

  • Both devices pictured in the video are running Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS).
  • We repeated the tests several times, and the results were the same each time.
  • We tried on two Quad devices and the results are repeatable on both.
  • The devices behave differently on different pages. That is the whole point of this demo, to have 20 pages, so that we get a more relevant test across commonly used pages.
  • The page load is extracted from the industry recognized EEMBC benchmark.
  • We added MP3 and video file download to see how the chips faired in a multitasking context. Results show that the quad-core performed worse in multitasking as compared to the OMAP 5 platform.
  • We  used a quad-core device off the shelf, and the most recent  OMAP 5 daily build for Android ICS. Nothing special was done to perform better on this test for that build.
  • We made sure that the Wi-Fi connectivity on both devices had identical latency, so as to remove dependency on that front.

 Have a great Mobile World Congress week. If you’re in Barcelona, swing by and say hello at our booth (Hall 8, stand 8A84)!