If you have been eagerly awaiting glasses-free 3D on-the-move, it’s time to get excited, because this capability is movingly quickly to mobile devices. We saw the LG Optimus 3D demonstrated at Mobile World Congress in February, and now the LG THRILL™ 4G is just around the corner in the U.S., through AT&T.


Powered by the1GHz dual-core, dual-channel, dual-memory OMAP4430 processor, the LG THRILL 4G (like the Optimus 3D) has rocking performance and great-quality 3D.  TI’s WiLink 6.0 connectivity combo solution is also inside, enabling new sharing methods and ways to connect with the outside world.


The OMAP4430 processor drives many of the Thrill 4G’s sought-after features, including: S3D creation of 720P HD videos, super-quality 3D pictures using 5MP dual sensors, 3D picture and video sharing via You Tube, real-time 2D to S3D conversion for streaming media content, life-like S3D gaming and more. The Stereoscopic-3D (S3D) experiences that this device generates are natively achieved through the OMAP processor, without any additional 3D processors, presenting ultimate experiences for multimedia lovers.  


As a part of bringing in Natural User Interface (NUI) experiences to gadgets, there is a good deal of background technology work from engineering forces that bring this S3D experience on this device. S3D quality is achieved through convergence and misalignment correction algorithms running on OMAP4430 hardware accelerators, which provide the extra boost in the quality of the S3D contents created. The processor is also capable of driving 3D video content natively on local auto stereoscopic LCD screens and 3D TVs that are compatible to HDMI1.4 specifications. This makes it easy to view content on big screens, beyond the mobile screen. Additionally, the misalignment correction algorithm is a differentiated, unique feature on our OMAP processors, which helps correct alignment differences in the stereoscopic camera pair introduced during a device’s manufacturing process. This is very important for achieving optimal S3D user experiences.


To read more about S3D content creation on mobile devices, check out this article on EE times. We are excited for this capability to emerge in the mobile world, and applaud LG for its work on the Optimus 3D and THRILL 4G, both of which show the true potential as we enter the third dimension of mobile experiences.