Kicking off Computex 2012, where TI and others will showcase the best of their technologies and products, I am thrilled to unveil an exciting video which showcases the superior graphics capabilities of TI’s OMAP 5 processor. Graphics performance is a critical factor in delivering the best user experiences on mobile devices. The OMAP 5 platform, with powerful dual-core GPUs, delivers on that need, driving the most compelling user interfaces, gaming experiences, social apps, Web browsing and more.

In order to benchmark and compare the graphics performance in this video, we used the industry’s well-known graphics benchmark, GL Benchmark 2.5, to render complex graphics scenes that represent high-end games at full HD (1080p) resolution. Check out the video here:

Let me explain a bit more about the benchmark setup in this video:

  • To ensure a fair comparison was made, we took care to match the screen resolution of both devices to full HD.
  • To compensate for the “Vysnc Limited” scenarios, both on-screen and off-screen tests were conducted.
  • To represent high-end game content (24bpp) 16bit depth tests were chosen.
  • Power saving modes were disabled and connected to a power source while running the tests.
  • Tests were conducted with no background tasks and with airplane mode “on.”

You can clearly see how the OMAP 5 processor’s graphics capabilities perform 12% better than the market leading tablet with its smooth rendering of scenes and the higher frame rate reported by the test. We also included a comparison chart at the end that shows how the OMAP5430 and OMAP4470 processors stack up against other devices on the market.

The graphics capabilities of the OMAP 5 processor shown in this video are just one more way this powerhouse processor is going to transform devices. Keep track of the latest updates around this and other OMAP processors from TI on Facebook and Twitter.

Have a wonderful Computex week!