Really smart cities in real time

 Have you been to Stockholm, Sweden? What about Glasgow, Scotland, or New York City in the U.S.? Or Calgary, Canada? If so, have you noticed anything different or special about these cities? They all have one thing in common—they have been recognized for “creating a local prosperity and inclusion using broadband and information technology to attract leading-edge businesses, stimulate job creation, build skills, generate economic growth, and improve the delivery of government services.”1 In short, these cities have been recognized for their efforts to become “smart cities.”


What exactly makes a city “smart”? Definitions vary, but the goal of smart cities is to make life better for their citizens by offering more efficient systems. These systems range from efficient motor control for home washing machines and HVAC systems, connected home devices, and intelligent LED lighting to renewable energy (such as wind and solar), the smart grid, and electric vehicle charging systems. These applications not only make our lives simpler, but they reduce the amount of energy we use as well, helping us leave a smaller footprint on the earth. Check out the below video to see how our C2000™ microcontrollers (MCUs) are making an impact: