It’s time for some fun! I’ve known a few folks who have tormented colleagues with a resistor cube—equal resistors on all sides. So in case you’ve solved that one, let’s add a twist. In this cube, not all the resistors are equal. The resistance from A to B is 1Ω. Resistor values are indicated, except for those marked “R?” in red.  What is the required value for R?

Spoiler alert!  We’re sure to get the answer posted in reader comments below. No peeking.  ;-)

This blog marks #53, the start of a second year. It’s been great fun and a challenging gig. A week feels like three days! In the coming months, I may skip a week here and there. It will give me a chance to catch my breath… and maybe do some grandfathering, too.

I’d also like to ask for your topic suggestions. I still have a list of my own but I’d like to respond to your ideas. Of course, your suggestion could lie outside my knowledge or experience so no promises. You can post in comments below or send me an email.

And BTW… If you enjoy quizzes, here’s another one for your amusement.

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