Our congratulations go out today to the always helpful Code Composer Forum moderator Ki-Soo Lee who has become the first TI'er to reach over 100,000 E2E points. Ki-Soo Lee was also the first TI Employee to reach Guru status. With over 6,000 posts on E2E there is a good chance if you have posted in the Code Composer Forum since its launch in August 2008 that Ki-Soo Lee has helped you out in some form. In addition to amassing over 6,000 posts he has also generated thousands of posts from users thanking him for his help (see here). You can drop Ki-Soo Lee a note of thanks in the comments section below.

Ki-Soo Lee loves helping on the E2E Community and is thankful for everyone he has been able to help out and as well to his teams that also support him on a daily basis.

Note: The first overall person to reach 100,000+ points was Jens-Michael Gross in September.
You can see more E2E history and milestones (here).