Announcing Igor Sherer as the TI E2E Analog Contributor of the Year!

"On behalf of the E2E Community Team, we would like to announce and congratulate Igor Sherer as being the TI E2E Analog Community 2011 Contributor of the Year. Their tireless efforts on the forums not only adds expert and valuable content to the forums that benefits countless TI customers, but also contributes to the success of the community overall." ~ Aimee Kalnoskas, TI WW Manager and Community & Social Media

For 2011 Igor contributed nearly 800 posts especially in the Low Power RF forums that went towards helping out fellow E2E members. Their ongoing work and dedication in going above and beyond to help others especially in 2011 was an outstanding achievement! Already at the halfway point of 2012 Igor was close to 500 contributions on E2E.

Igor Sherer on being the TI E2E Analog Contributor of the Year

Thoughts on being the TI E2E Analog Community 2011 Contributor of the Year?

Igor Sherer: Awesome! I really didn't expect this coming. :)

What would you describe as being your primary motivation for helping out others on E2E (with hundreds of posts and countless users that benefited from your help in 2011)?

Igor Sherer: It's part of my nature, I really like to help others, not only on E2E.

With nearly 800 posts in 2011 in the Low Power RF forums with a majority going towards helping others what common trends and challenges did you see?

Igor Sherer:

New users are tend to not performing basic search for related topics before posting their question. A quick search in the forums can save a lot of precious time, since almost 90% of questions were asked, discussed and answered before (at least that is the situation on the Low Power RF forums).

I see a lot of posts where people asks for help, but somehow forget to mention crucial details that are mandatory for solving their issue/s.

For all those people, out there, who posts on E2E community and tend to "forget" about the details, please read the "Clairvoyant Troubleshooting" by Bruce Trump, I think you can only benefit from this short article.

Well, I don't know if it can be categorized under challenges, but to often it can be very challenging to find needed info and/or documentation related to TI products. This is especially true for people who are completely new to TI's products.

How has E2E helped you since you've joined?

Igor Sherer: Reading posts helps me quickly troubleshoot and get results with my own designs. People sharing their Ideas and I'm learning a lot from it.

  • Didn't seen the comments until now. Thank you guys.

    And so happens that i'm not the only "contributor of the year" here, so congrats you too.  :)

    So what's the ultimate question then? :)

  • 42? Now, that's a really big answer. Sorry, not an answer, but an Answer. Anyway, congrats to Igor!

  • Congratulations, Igor!

    I wholeheartedly agree with your statements about trends. Yes, using a search function seems to be beyond the imagination of many people, and providing details seems to be too much effort too.

    (Unfortunately, it seems that almost nobody is readign these social blogs)

    This reminds me of a scene in an old comic book:

    "I want answers!" - "yes, 17, 42, no" - "What's this for BS?" - "Hey, I carefully thought about it and these answers are correct. It's not my fault that you don't have asked the proper questions."