Brushless motor control is ready to blast-off!

If you've seen me on the e2e forums you know that I am an InstaSPIN™ aficionado.

It has been the highlight of my career to go through the process of deeply analyzing a market to understand the true implementation blocking points all the way to actually creating and distributing the solution that is creating a revolution: InstaSPIN-FOC and InstaSPIN-MOTION!  While we announced these solutions earlier this year we are forever in the process of improving, enhancing, and making them more accessible to more users for more applications; with the goal that every three-phase motor in the world should be enabled with premium, efficient control.

To that end, I am thrilled to let you know about the release of the C2000™ InstaSPIN-FOC LaunchPad and accompanying DRV8301 motor drive BoosterPack: Low-cost, high performance control in the palm of your hand!

The Key Features for you:

C2000 InstaSPIN-FOC LaunchPad

  • Identical to the Piccolo F28027 LaunchPad, except we’ve updated the Piccolo MCU to the pin-pin compatible, InstaSPIN-FOC enabled F28027F
  • USB to ISOLATED UART and real-time (in silicon) JTAG for debugging
  • Standard LaunchPad header pin-out
  • Free unlimited Code Composer Studio (CCS) IDE and full software infrastructure and InstaSPIN-FOC application support through MotorWare™ 


DRV8301 motor drive BoosterPack

  • 6-24V, 10A continuous 14A peak 3-ph inverter
  • Self-protecting DRV8301pre-driverTI’s NEXFET™ MOSFETS
    • On-board Buck powers LaunchPad
    • SPI interface for set-up and communications
    • Programmable gain amplifiers on-chip
  • Three current shunt, three phase voltage, and DC bus measurements
  • Slick 2”x 2” form factor


How is this combination enabling?

  • Low Cost: $49 drive + $17 controller solution = $66 bundle!! [buy now]
  • Product ready inverter
    • All design files provided
    • Compact form factor similar to off the shelf drives
    • Robust & self-protecting design
    • Quality layout for current and voltage sense
    • Product proven Piccolo 32-bit MCU, widely used in embedded power control applications
    • InstaSPIN-FOCsensorless control solution
      • One of a kind technology jump starts evaluation and speeds full development, whether you are attempting sensorless control today or just getting started with three phase motors for the first time

  • Supported through MotorWare Software Infrastructure
  • 11+ labs show you how to build up different functionality for your particular applicationModern object oriented C software interface with structures, handles, and interface API functions
    • Torque or Speed + Torque
    • Over modulation & Field Weakening for maximum speeds
    • Special features like continuous on-line resistance measurements and start-up features for full-torque
    • Portable to other inverters and Piccolo MCUs
  • GUI to easily instrument variables in project s real-time
  • Edit or create your own using FREE CCS GUI Composer

At 6-24V and 10A continuous, this combination is ready to go for a wide variety of applications, just provide your three-phase motor and proper power supply (voltage and current source capability).  It’s also a GREAT low cost way to evaluate the technology and get familiar with the software and full solution before you build your custom higher power system.

I really hope you enjoy this new combination of LaunchPad and BoosterPack.  I can’t wait to see the products you create with InstaSPIN-FOC, Piccolo, and our TI motor drive products!!

Keep spinning those motors,

Chris Clearman
TI Motor Control Solutions