Growing up in our household, it was criminal to pay full price for anything. My mom knew how to go to the stores that were having the blowout sales, and as if that wasn’t enough, she’d pull out her fanny pack with all her coupons and pay pennies on the dollar for good quality products. Sometimes it was embarrassing, and I’d say, “Mom, really?” To this, she’d reply, “Saving money is how we keep you all fed and clothed. After-all, money doesn’t go on trees.” I’d then remind her that she decided to have five kids and could have stopped after two (I am the second, by the way).

Now I’d love to say that I have the same great qualities of sniffing out great deals, but the honest truth is that finding good deals requires time and patience, which I haven’t mastered yet. In fact, the thought of spending an afternoon clipping coupons or lining up in long queues to get a good a discounted product makes me break out in hives. I love a good deal, but if the deal comes at the cost of my time or sanity, I’ll happily pass.

This is why I love our new C2000™ F28x7x microcontrollers. Not only do the MCUs save you time and money, they are easy to design with! “How,” you ask? Well, let me tell you.

Our C2000 F28x7x MCUs encompasses three MCU generations: Delfino™ F2837xD MCUs, Delfino F2837xS MCUs and Piccolo™ F2807x MCUs. These three generations provide a wide range of processing performance for industrial applications from 240 to 800 MIPS. They also feature high-integrity analog and control peripherals, including 16-bit ADCs, which are configurable in 12-bit mode, delta-sigma filters, eCAPs, eQEPs, ePWMs and much more. The best part?! These three generations are fully pin and software compatible, making it easy for designers to quickly develop and introduce different products with varying performance ranges without changing their hardware or software profile.

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To make life even easier, TI offers two kits that you can use to start development: the F28377D Experiment’s Kit, which helps developers evaluate the Delfino F2837xD and F2837xS MCUs, and the F28075 Experimenter’s Kit, which helps developers evaluate the Piccolo F2807x MCUs.

The real question here is, are you ready to save time and money on your next industrial control design, without coupons or a fanny pack? If so, leave us a note to let us know what application you plan on using the F28x7x MCUs for.

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