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Supporting Code Composer Studio on Mac has been one of the most common, if not the most common, request we have had from users on the E2E forums.  It has been a long journey but we now have a beta version of Code Composer Studio supporting MSP430 microcontrollers available for anyone to try.  This release is based off of CCSv6.1.0 which we recently released for Windows and Linux platforms.

Similar to our Linux version of Code Composer Studio there are some limitations on the debug interfaces that you can use.  The MSP430 USB FET works fine, as do newer LaunchPads such as MSP-EXP430F5529LP and MSP-EXP430FR5969.  However older development kits like MSP-EXP430G2, eZ430 and Chronos are not supported.

You can download the beta version here.  (Updated link to beta 3, Dec 2015)

We plan to add support for more device families throughout the year.

Note that when running CCS you will notice that it mentions 30 days remaining on the license at the bottom.  This can be ignored, there is no time limit on the license.

Please post any feedback that you have to the E2E forums.  Supporting Mac is new to us and value any feedback that you may have on how we can improve out support for Mac users.

  • Christophe if you create a thread on the E2E forums the team can work with you to figure out what is happening with El Capitan.

    Christopher we will not be supporting SYS/BIOS on Mac but we will be providing releases of TI-RTOS which includes the SYS/BIOS kernel.

  • Is there any support currently for SYS/BIOS within the CCS for OSx? I have an existing RTSC project that I would like to build. Thanks for all of the work being done on this by TI. I am glad Mac is finally getting some attention.

  • Hi,

    I have updated my Mac OS X to "El Capitan".

    Now, i can flash one time my EXP430F5529LP, but when i stop and recompile next time, i obtain the message "Interface Communication error". So i must unplug the USB and replug and it's OK. And the same after.

    Do you know this problem ?

    Thank you.


  • If you are having install issues please create a thread on the E2E forums so that we can assist.  jmgc if you could attach the install logs to the post on E2E we can hopefully figure out what is going on.   If the install did not start then the files should be in /tmp.  Look for any bitrock* files. If the install started, past the “get install directory” pane, the install logs are in the install_logs folder