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On November 24-26, the C2000™ microcontroller (MCU) team exhibited at the SPS IPC Drives 2015 show in Nuremburg, Germany. The show boasted more than 64,000 visitors and 1,600 exhibitors all focused on delivering solutions for the Smart Factory environment.

On the exhibition floor, the team showcased several new demonstrations including the new DesignDRIVE Position Manager technology, the C2000 F28379D and F28379S MCUs and the latest version of the DesignDRIVE development kit – the IDDK v2.2.1. Further, the DesignDRIVE exhibitors peeked into the future by demonstrating several new DesignDRIVE technologies based on the C2000 Delfino™ MCU LaunchPad™ development kit.

Having just announced the DesignDRIVE Position Manager technology on November 19, the team created a triple-sensored servo drive example. Mounted in one rack was a servo motor coupled with an incremental encoder, a SIN/COS transducer, and EnDat 2.2 and BiSS-C rotary absolute encoders. At any given time, three position sensors feed the shaft angle back to the DesignDRIVE-based controller. The user can select between either the EnDat or BiSS sensors on-the-fly. The system is able to adapt to the absolute encoder selected. It’s worth noting that a closed loop FOC-based position control example, which leverages a HEIDENHAIN ROC 425 EnDat encoder, is available now as part of the latest C2000 MCU controlSUITE™ software release. This project is built upon the DesignDRIVE development kit and will work with both the v2.2 (green) and the v2.2.1 (blue) versions.


DesignDRIVE Position Manager technology demonstration


Looking to future technology and kit releases in 2016, our exhibit also included three new demonstrations using the Delfino MCU LaunchPad development kit and various TI BoosterPack plug-in modules.  With the power and autonomy of a dual core real-time DSP/MCU like the F28379D, whose on-chip ADCs have the capability to work asynchronously to each other (on completely different time-bases); two completely independent control loops can be managed on the same device. Imagine using one DSP core (and CLA) to manage your servo motor control while the other DSP manages the creation of the DC-Link power bus feeding your motor inverter; each real-time control loop sensing and actuating independently to the other!

 One of the interesting new features of the Delfino MCU LaunchPad development kit is the addition of a second BoosterPack connector. At the SPS IPC Drives show, a demonstration of the DesignDRIVE LaunchPad kit utilized this capability by adding a DRV8301 BoosterPack and a DRV8305 BoosterPack to a single Delfino MCU LaunchPad kit.  Both BoosterPacks are capable of driving low-voltage servo motors. The DesignDRIVE demonstration showed two servo motors executing completely independent motion profiles from a single Delfino MCU LaunchPad!


C2000™ MCU LaunchPad™ development kit demonstrations


The SPS IPC Drives 2015 exhibition was a great success. It was the perfect event for the public unveiling of DesignDRIVE Position Manager technology as well as showcasing upcoming DesignDRIVE technology releases, which are based on the LaunchPad development kit and BoosterPack plug-in module combinations. These kits will put the evaluation of new technologies in the reach of more industrial drives developers. The full-featured development enabled by the DesignDRIVE development kit will also be hosting these new technologies, just as it does for DesignDRIVE Position Manager today.

To learn more about these demonstrations, watch the overview video below, or click here.