At Texas Instruments, one of our main goals is to make it fast and easy for you to spin your own motors. However, we also want to provide you with some example motors so you can experiment with different solutions and learn what works best for your system. We recently added four new motor kits to our extensive motor portfolio for you to use to experiment with TI’s C2000™ Piccolo™ microcontroller-based motor control solutions:

 Low-Voltage BLDC Motor (LVBLDCMTR)

Low Voltage Servo (Encoder) Motor (LVSERVOMTR)

  • NEMA 23 frame synchronous three-phase brushless DC (permanent magnet) with sinusoidal Bemf
  • 4 k-counts/rev encoder and hall sensors to Molex connector with break-out connector
  • 60V/7.1A, 8 poles, 4.64 V/KRPM
  • Bundle with LAUNCHXL-F28027FBOOSTXL-DRV8301 or DRV8301-69M-KIT for just $199

2MTR–DYNO InstaSPIN-FOC Evaluation Module (2MTR-DYNO)

  • Ideal for testing operation of one motor by using second as an active load
  • Includes two LVSERVOMTR with Molex connector
  • Oldham-style shaft couplers to connect rotor shafts together
  • Custom aluminum frame to align rotor shafts and couple the two motors
  • Bundle with LAUNCHXL-F28027FBOOSTXL-DRV8301 or DRV8301-69M-KIT for just $425

Low-Voltage AC Induction Motor (LVACIMTR)

  • NEMA 34 frame asynchronous three-phase induction motor with sinusoidal Bemf
  • No rotor position sensors (Hall nor Encoder)
  • 24V/1.8A, 2 poles, 4.0 V/KRPM
  • Includes custom mounting frame and rotor shaft coupling to attach to 2MTR-DYNO
  • Bundle with LAUNCHXL-F28027F, BOOSTXL-DRV8301, DRV8312-69M-KIT or 2MTR-DYNO for just $199

These new low-voltage motors can be used with existing and planned evaluation modules and kits, including the BOOSTXL-DRV8301 Motor Drive BoosterPack and several DRV83x Three-Phase BLDC Motor Kits. You can see more details about the primary kit usage in the below table.


Motor Type

Part Number

Rotor Sensor

Primary Kit Use

BLDC– Low Voltage





ACI – Low Voltage






PMSM – Low Voltage



Halls and encoder: internal 4k/rev line;

Two LVSERVO motors, shaft coupling, and frame mount




These motors are supported by our MotorWare™ software as well as InstaSPIN-FOC™ and InstaSPIN-MOTION™ motor control technology, software embedded on the read-only memory (ROM) of the MCU that enables you to control any three-phase motor quickly and easily. InstaSPIN™ technology helps drastically reduce development time — from months to minutes.

 InstaSPIN-FOC provides the industry’s best sensorless torque control solution by offering motor parameter identification, self-tuning observer (FAST™ software sensor), automatic torque loop control tuning, and unique start-up and run-time components to meet real-world system requirements.

 InstaSPIN-MOTION is the super-set solution, adding the SpinTAC™ Motion Suite — licensed from LineStream Technologies — which provides system inertia and friction identification, a single tuning parameter velocity or position plus velocity controller, on-the-fly motion trajectory generation, and an easy-state-based motion plan. InstaSPIN-MOTION can be used with the FAST software sensor for many velocity applications or with a mechanical sensor for more precise velocity or position control motion applications.

 We are continuing to invest in motor control to bring you the widest offering of first-class, differentiated motor control solutions in the industry. Leave us a note below and let us know what other motor solutions you would like to see from TI!


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