For most of us, the kids are finally back in school. Thus, chaos ensues! Rush out the door to take them to school, rush to your work to make it to your meeting in time, pick up the kids after work to take them to their soccer practice or swim meet or one of a million other things.

While all this is going on, do you know what's going on inside your house? Was the air conditioner left on? Were the lights left on? Is your dog messing with the dish washer again? If it's a Beagle, it's most likely doing just that. They're notoriously known for that...

You're an engineer, do something about  it! Design something that'll decrease energy costs. Make it automated. Make it have a touch screen. And give it some Wi-Fi while you're at it, because you know you want it to Tweet what it's doing.

So how do you start? By taking a look at the Power Optimization Techniques for Energy-Efficient Systems white paper. There you'll find the building blocks of a power-efficient system which includes the TI Sitara AM335x ARM-based processor, power optimization practices and check-out a power-efficient display-based example.

Once you read that you'll be well on your way to designing something that will help you and millions of others save money, save energy and make the world a better place. You do want to make it a better place, don't you?

Then read the white paper now.

Alejandro Erives, Sitara ARM Processors Brand Manager, can no longer handle these 100+ degree days in Dallas. He's frying an egg on his forehead as we speak.