Guest blogger, Kevin Chalmers, shares his insights on these findings...

Customer interest in Linux mainline support is at an all-time high and TI’s commitment to upstream Linux development is stronger than ever.  From our worldwide Linux developers to our numerous Linux maintainers of critical kernel subsystems, TI continues to make significant contributions in development, reviews and signoffs.  As a result, TI’s devices have more entitlement in the mainline kernel than ever before with plans for LTS, RT support and more coming in 2014.
Highlighting TI’s contributions to the Linux kernel is The Linux Foundation’s 2013 report on “Linux Kernel Development”.  This report covers kernel contributions from v3.3 to v3.10 and lists TI as the #4 contributor overall and the #2 semiconductor contributor.  While this report highlights only our Linux kernel contributions, the trend of TI’s contributions to mainline as a whole remains strong in other areas including U-Boot, Open Embedded (the Yocto Project) and the gcc toolchain (Linaro).
As a result TI’s Yocto compatible Linux SDKs, released earlier this year, make it easy for customers to customize the software for their end products.   All of TI’s Linux SDKs are also now built using the Linaro GCC toolchain which provides access to the latest features and bug fixes.  All of these developments are part of our efforts to provide the most complete and easiest Linux development experience possible for our customers.
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Kevin Chalmers is the director of the Linux Core Product Development team at Texas Instruments.  He has been with TI for 15 years and has served in a variety of systems and software applications and development roles.