Other Parts Discussed in Post: OMAP-L138

Our new Linux software development kit (SDK) for OMAP-L138 DSP + ARM9™ processors enables Linux lovers and ARM® aficionados to quickly and easily program their devices — at no cost! 

TI’s Linux SDK for OMAP-138 DSP + ARM9 processors is optimized for the newly announced OMAP-L138 DSP + ARM9 development kit (LCDK). By using the SDK, developers can begin writing code in less than an hour to start developing Linux applications that require real-time processing and control, including industrial control, medical diagnostics and communications. This is the first Linux SDK for an OMAP-L138 platform that supports a 3.x series Linux kernel ported to the LCDK. DSP developers will have a chance to take advantage of the next generation DSP RTOS, SYS/BIOS and inter-processor communication (IPC) SysLink software packages from TI.

 This SDK includes:

 -          The Linux platform support package, including Linux kernel 3.1.10, GCC 4.5.3, boot loaders and more.

-          The DSP Package, including Syslink Inter-Processor Communication and the DSP/BIOS Real-Time Operating System (SYS/BIOS). 

TI’s new Linux SDK is available for download today at no cost: http://www.ti.com/tool/linuxsdk-omapl138. We’d love to hear what new Linux innovations you’re enabling with this SDK, so leave us a note below.

 Asheesh Bhardwaj is the applications manager for the Singlecore DSPs software development team at Texas Instruments Incorporated.