Many designers are looking for ways to cut costs without sacrificing performance, quality and reliability in their solutions.  In fact, the inverse is true when it comes to technology development because designers expect new processing solutions to be more powerful than their predecessors, yet cost less. 

The C2000™ microcontroller (MCU) team already provides compelling MCU solutions that include the performance and system integration that are needed for performance digital control applications.  Now we are making high performance development more affordable by introducing a new LaunchPad for the popular C2000 Delfino™ real-time control MCUs

The new LaunchPad will be based on the C2000 F2837xS MCU family, which is the next generation family to the popular C2000 F28335 MCUs.  The C2000 F2837xS MCU takes single-core MCU performance to the next level by providing a 200MHz central processing unit (CPU), which is further boosted by new accelerators designed to quickly execute common control loop algorithms, power line communications algorithms and complex math functions.  This family also includes a real-time co-processor (CLA) which operates independently of the main CPU and provides an additional 200MHz of processing power.  

The C2000 F2837xS MCU also includes many integrated analog and control peripherals such as 16- and 12-bit ADC modes, comparators, delta-sigma sinc filters, eQEP, high-res PWMs and much more. 

At only US$29.99, the new LaunchPad features this powerful MCU and also includes many other hardware and software features, making it an ideal low-cost development platform for digital control applications. 

Watch this short video to learn more about the LaunchPad.

LaunchPad Features

  • C2000 Delfino F28377S MCU
  • On-board isolated XDS100v2 JTAG emulator for easy programming and debugging
  • Dual 40-pin headers for up to two application BoosterPack expansion
  • Free unrestricted version of the latest version of Code Composer Studio integrated development environment
  • Free download of controlSUITE with device examples and getting started projects for the Launchpad
  • Compatible with the Digital Power BoosterPack (BOOSTXL-BUCKCONV)

Leave us a note and let us know how you plan on using this new C2000 Delfino F28377S LaunchPad!