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Great news for industrial designers developing EtherCAT products: TI has been awarded the EtherCat Conformance Test Certificate recognizing the successful implementation of EtherCAT on Sitara AM335x processors. Per ETG requirements, customers developing EtherCAT products need to certify their products. Since TI has obtained this certification on the AM3359 Industrial Communications Engine (TMDXICE3359) customers have assurance that their products will meet the compliancy requirements enabling faster time to market.

In addition to this certification, designing with the AM3357/AM3359 Sitara ARM Cortex-A8 devices eliminates the need for an external FPGA or ASIC for EtherCAT slave function becuase of the processors unique ARM plus PRU-ICSS architecture. This results in a lower-cost and lower-complexity EtherCAT slave solution.

View the recognition video on the TI E2E videos page.

For more information on the AM3359 Industrial Communications Engine, visit the TMDXICE3359 page.

Alejandro Erives, Brand Manager, Sitara ARM Processors