During the recent ACE awards hosted by EE Times and EDN, TI Processors received top honors.

Open Source Hardware Platform or Application of the Year: BeagleBone Black

With over 150,000 boards shipped since its inception, BeagleBone Black is certainly one of the hottest platforms to get the attention of the industry. This award clearly shows that more engineers are discovering the value open source brings as an essential tool for quick prototyping, characterizing and testing peripherals, and more. Plus, when you combine the BeagleBone Black with one of over 50 add-on boards the power of the Beagle is limitless.

Ultimate Products: Reference Designs: Smart Data Concentrator

 With the ultimate level of flexibility and scalability with numerous performance, cost and connectivity options, the Smart Data Concentrator reference design is able to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the utility industry. This design includes advanced hardware and software that reduce development time by up to nine months while still supporting connectivity to more than 1,000 smart meters.



So go big with your design by checking out the schematics, test data and software of the BeagleBone Black &  Smart Data Concentrator Reference Design and go home a winner by purchasing one or both!


Alejandro Erives, Sitara ARM Processors Brand Manager, tried going big at the state fair once. He wen't home crying.