TI-RTOS power management sets the standard for low-power microcontroller (MCU) applications. We are excited to announce two new videos that will enable you to learn more about this technology. The first video provides an architectural overview of the power management features and how they work. You will learn what tick suppression is and why it’s critical in low-power applications before diving into a detailed overview of the TI-RTOS power management framework that explains how it delivers state-of-the-art low-power performance without the need for the developer to do any programming or learn complex device-specific power down sequences.

The second video consists of a TI-RTOS demonstration that takes you through some of the basics of using TI-RTOS before concluding with a section on how to reduce power consumption. This will show some useful tips in addition to using both the TI-RTOS power manager as well the Energy Trace tool to show power consumption.

If you would like further information on TI-RTOS power management, you can download the TI-RTOS power management white paper.

  • Hi Nick,

    Over the last 12 months I have developed a battery management system based around TI-RTOS and the TM4C1294 MCU. Are there any plans to extend the power management capability to the Tiva C processors, as it would certainly be a feature that I would like to use ? Are there any power management features in TI-RTOS 2.12, which I can use for the Tiva C processor ?

    Thanks for the great videos on TI-RTOS, it has helped me a lot in getting my BMS product out the door quickly.


    Jeff Manson