Attention industrial designers — there’s a new kid on the block when it comes to resolver-to-digital decoding.

Today, TI announced its C2000™ microcontroller (MCU) Resolver Kit, enabling designers of robotics, servo drives, automation systems and avionics and transportation systems to save system cost and space.

The kit enables this savings by implementing digital conversion using software on programmable C2000 MCUs. Because the resolver is an analog, rotary electrical transformer, it has historically required an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) to convert resolver to digital signals for use by a digital processor in an industrial control system. These ASICs can be costly and space consuming. (See our in-depth white paper for more detail on this.)

Further proof that the “dog days” are over? The C2000 MCU Resolver Kit extends functionality over ASIC solutions. In addition to handling resolver-to-digital decoding, it enables various other software programmable real-time functions, including additional analog-to-digital converter (ADC) sampling and processing, encoder and hall interfaces, digital signal processing (DSP) front-end, state logic, tasks to assist with functional safety and even full control loops.

The kit includes a C2000 controlCARD-compatible printed circuit board (PCB) with on-board JTAG emulation for software debug, a resolver interface with filtering, UART and SPI interfaces, four PWM based digital-to-analog converter (DAC) outputs for debug and a 15V power supply. Compatible controlCARD board-level modules must be purchased separately and include the TMS320F28335 controlCARD for floating-point library, TMS320F28035 Piccolo controlCARD for fixed-point or parallel control law acceleration library, and the TMS320F28027 Piccolo controlCARD for lowest cost fixed-point processing.

Designers can experiment with the kit to explore using C2000 MCU as a resolver in their designs. We make it easy by including a full build of materials, schematics and PCB design files. The kit also comes complete with software development tools to help you reduce development time. It includes a free downloads of the C2000 controlSUITE™ set of software infrastructure as well as the Eclipse-based Code Composer Studio™ integrated development environment.

Want to find out more about “resolving” all of your resolver cost and space challenges? Check out our new white paper. You can get your C2000 MCU Resolver Kit today for $179 USD. The MCUs that run the resolver software are available starting from $1.85 USD 1 ku SRP (TMS320F280200).

Leave us a note below and let us know how you plan to use the C2000 MCU Resolver Kit to explore options in your industrial designs!