We are excited to announce that the TI Windows Embedded Compact (WEC) 7.0 Software Development Kit (SDK) is now available on TI's website for Cortex-A8 devices!
TMDSEVM3517 (AM35x)
TMDSEVM3730 (AM/DM37x)

Compact 7, the newest version of Windows Embedded Compact offering from Microsoft, provides a number of new features that make it an appealing choice when creating an end product. Combining the power and features of Compact 7 with TI’s Cortex-A8 offerings means you can build powerful devices leveraging the ARM Cortex-A8 core.

Key features of Compact 7 include:

  • upgraded Silverlight engine which includes Windows Embedded Silverlight Tools to make it easy to create a Silverlight subproject for Windows Embedded
  • Extensive memory options, supporting up to 3GB
  • Improved networking and user interface options including support for:
    • Internet Explorer 8  Java script engine 
    • Adobe Flash 10.1 
    • Multi-touch
    • DLNA
    • And accelerometer

For more info, and to download the WEC 7.0 SDK go to http://www.ti.com/wince