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Just hear those dev kits jingling, bli-bli-blinking, too. Come on, it's lovely weather to make a Sitara AM335x design with you.

If that song doesn't get your your friends and family in the spirit then nothing will. Nothing except for Sitara Processor development platforms! And for a limited time you can buy them as gifts at a discount!

Get 20% off the Industrial Communications Engine (TMDSICE3359), AM335x Evaluation Module (TMDXEVM3358) and the Industrial Development Kit (TMDXIDK3359).

Plus, give that special someone in your life the world famous BeagleBone (BEAGLEBN) at 50% off. Heck, get one for yourself as well!

All these boards are based on the ever popular Sitara AM335x processor generation and will make you the favorite of any holiday party.

Go the following TI eStore pages now to take advantage of these discounts! And come back and tell us who you are planning on giving these great gifts to.

BeagleBone: https://estore.ti.com/BeagleBN-BeagleBone-Development-Board-P4295.aspx

Industrial Communications Engine: https://estore.ti.com/TMDSICE3359-AM3359-Industrial-Communications-Engine-ICE-P4684.aspx

Industral Development Kit: https://estore.ti.com/TMDXIDK3359-AM3359-Industrial-Development-Kit-IDK-P2728.aspx

Evaluation Module: https://estore.ti.com/TMDXEVM3358-AM335x-Evaluation-Module-P2714.aspx

BeagleBone TMDSICE3359 TMDXIDK3359 TMDXEVM3358
BeagleBN - BeagleBone
Development Board
TMDSICE3359 - Industrial
Communications Engine
TMDXIDK3359 - Industrial
Development Kit
Evaluation Module

Alejandro Erives, Sitara Processors Brand Manager, sticks to the four major food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup. Thanks, Buddy!