CES 2012 Preview: Portable Audio Products

We are one day away from the start of CES 2012, and our teams are setting up demos as we speak and making sure the coffee and snacks are out for what will be a busy week of meetings. We'll be checking in from the show all week here on Analog Wire, but today we'd like give one final preview of what to expect, this time from our portable audio group. 

We're not just showing standalone products, but overall solutions. It all falls into three categories: innovation, differentiation and integration. In terms of innovation, take spatial audio. If you haven't heard our demo, this thing will knock your socks off. You've heard of 3D video, but now we have 3D audio. You can see more in the news release here, but the demo really has to be heard to get the full effect.

If you want to talk about differentiation, we're talking about speaker protection and our miniDSP which is capable of running hundreds of different algorithms including things like noise suppression and echo cancellation. Our PCM3070 stereo audio codec is a great example of the differentiation our miniDSP solutions can provide.

And, in terms of integration, we're going to be showcasing an upcoming product that features an astounding level of integration from an analog and digital perspective. We can't let the cat out of the bag on that one just yet, but trust us when we say, it's a doozie.

If you aren't headed out to Vegas for the show, keep an eye out for all our coverage. And if you are going to be there, we'll see you in Vegas!