Introducing the TLV320AIC3262 stereo audio codec, a device that goes where no other codec has gone before

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the TLV320AIC3262 stereo audio codec, a device that goes where no other codec has gone before.

When we developed this beauty, we thought long and hard about what consumers of mobile audio devices really want and need. The answer is a great audio and voice solution rolled into one, and a device that addresses many problems with devices currently in the industry.

Let’s take a look at those problems and how the TLV320AIC3262 solves them.


There’s always background noise on the other end of line.

The TLV320AIC3262 enables wideband noise and echo cancellation at 16-kHz to create clear, high-definition voice quality for circuit-switched or VoIP calls, including video conferencing applications.

I can’t get enough volume out of the tiny mobile speakers.

The TLV320AIC3262 features intelligent speaker protection algorithms which control voice coil temperature and diaphragm excursion to enable maximum possible loudness without damaging the speaker. The embedded miniDSP dynamically adjusts filters based on signal levels to greatly improve the voice clarity from small speakers.

My music playback sounds dull.

We have a plethora of free algorithms to customize the audio signature you want.  TI also has an ecosystem of third party solutions, such as Dolby and SRS, and the TLV320AIC3262 includes SRS WOW HD™ as a standard feature at no additional cost to customers.  

I’m always running out of room on my board.

Real estate in electronic designs is always at a premium, especially on portable designs. The TLV320AIC3262 rolls up five discrete devices into one.  The device combines a stereo headphone amplifier, stereo class-D amplifiers, earpiece driver, voice processor, and stereo codec into a tiny 4.8-mm x 4.8-mm package.

I’m tired of all the complex routing and architecture for audio and voice.

We all know system architectures don’t stand still, and neither do we. That’s why the TLV320AIC3262 has three asynchronous audio buses plus asynchronous sampling rate conversion (ASRC) to allow designers to connect to multiple audio sources and mix multiple sample rates.

I’m tired of programming and porting my software to a new device.

The PurePath™ Studio Graphical Development Environment (GDE) simplifies the design process for products with miniDSP and audio processing capabilities. The GDE includes all algorithms from previous versions of the software, as well as newly added algorithms and enhancements specifically for the TLV320AIC3262. This enhanced version of the software is also capable of running more algorithms in parallel than previous generations.

I’m more of a visual learner. Can I see any of this?

You sure can. Take a look below.