LIN: take a look inside

Did you know that drivers, passengers and even cargo can often benefit from up to 80 separate LIN modules placed throughout vehicles? These modules help implement a wide range of features that many of us use multiple times daily, without truly understanding what’s behind the button. Local Interconnect Network (LIN) adoption rates within automotive applications continue to rise as a low-cost and simple implementation for non-safety-critical applications when compared to the Controller Area Network bus standard (CAN).

Want to take a look inside one of today’s car models and see where you can employ LIN? Click the link below to launch an in-cabin virtual view and explore a few of the functions that LIN can enable today. Once the page launches, you can manually scroll and pan inside the vehicle and easily identify those locations where LIN is prevalent. Click the icons to obtain additional information, including block diagrams and reference designs, and accelerate your knowledge of LIN technology.

To take the 360 tour:

  • For best results and faster load time, ensure no browser tabs are open.
  • If you are having issues loading, try a different browser.
  • Click on the image below, and you will be taken to a landing page.
  • Use your cursor (click and hold it down) to pan around to see the entire lab.
  • You will find multiple interactive points explaining the LIN technology.

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