The ADC12DJ3200 wins product of the year at World Electronics Achievement Awards

The ADC12DJ3200 wins product of the year at World Electronics Achievement Awards

The ultra-high-speed ADC12DJ3200 analog-to-digital converter (ADC) has won product of the year in the Amplifier/Data Conversion category of the inaugural World Electronics Achievement Awards (WEAAs). Editors and readers voted it a winner in a worldwide promotion by Aspencore, the parent company of several electrical engineering trade-media outlets, such as EDN and EE Times.

The WEAAs recognized the ADC12DJ3200 as one of the top three new amplifiers or data converters introduced since 2017, selected from seven finalists.

The device is a radio-frequency (RF)-sampling gigasample ADC that can directly sample input frequencies from DC to above 10 GHz. It’s designed for applications such as high-density phased-array radar systems, 5G systems and satellite communications that demand increased data throughput, higher bandwidth and lower power – all in a smaller footprint.

Here’s how the ADC12DJ3200’s next-generation architecture enables designers to take advantage of its features and benefits:

  • Widest signal bandwidth: With the industry’s fastest sample rate of 6.4 GSPS at a 12-bit resolution –18% faster than competing devices – the ADC12DJ3200 enables designers to capture the widest bandwidth possible to process more information instantaneously.
  • Highest analog input-frequency range: With direct RF sampling up to 10 GHz covering the L-band, S-band and C-band – and extending into the X-band – the ADC12DJ3200 enables simplified system architectures and provides enhanced frequency agility, reducing filter complexity and saving board space and component count.
  • Saves space: The 10-mm-by-10-mm device integrates an entire RF-to-bits receiver, reducing board space as much as 88% more than competing solutions while enabling designers to reduce cost by simplifying their system architectures.
  • Low power: Consuming as little as 3 W, the ADC provides twice the input frequency range at half the power of competing devices. 

Learn more by reading the ADC12DJ3200 data sheet, or start designing with the ADC12DJ3200 evaluation module.