How to design your system like a true pirate engineer

Yar Mateys! I’ve been told today is “Pirate Appreciation Day,” or as you land lubbers call it, “Talk Like a Pirate Day.”  A day where all those who sail the seven seas stop and raise a mug of grog and appreciate all the hard work thar be into being a pirate.  What’s that you say? Being a pirate ain’t hard work? Well blow me down! You’ll get keelhauled with that attitude!  

I bet you never knew thar were Pirate Engineers!  Who do you think created the first peg leg and hook hand?  Aye, I know what yer thinking. Captain Hook was the first buccaneer to make it famous but t’was a pirate engineer who made it possible!  Pirate engineering ain’t just fer pirates neither. They help all nautical people including sailors to “go green”… who do you think pioneered the spinach-based fuel system behind Popeye’s super strength?  T’was a pirate engineer, that’s who!  Still not convinced?!   Evidence of pirate engineering from behind the sails can be spotted if yer not looking starboard into the sun.  Even scallywags will say the basis of all quantum mechanics was discovered by a pirate engineer. I mean who else would come up with “planck’s” constant? HARDY-HAR! Thar’s a bit of pirate engineering humor for ye’.

Even the infamous pirate Blackbeard knows that engineering is a vital part of pirating.  Who else but a pirate would come up with a device that steals up to 8 inputs and sends them as fast as it can as far as it can?  YAR, that’d be just what the TLK10081 Link “ARRR”-gregator does!  It collects its inputs like a pirate who just stole 8 treasure chests off a pleasure ship running slower than molasses and speeds away on his or her own personal Jolly Roger!  Follow me if you dare you salty dogs you, the TLK10081 is a fine example of pirate engineering.  Speaking of mighty speed, another example of pirate engineering can be seen with the ONET2804T.  This 100G transimpedance amplifier is like the sailor in a crow’s nest, tracking a shining light house to guide ye safely back to port.  This here is an optical networking bridge between the light from a photodiode for an optical module.  The integrated I2C bridge feature allows a pirate engineer to safely navigate around the rocky-bottomed pitfalls of system design and tailor its use to fit the need, just like a brand-new three corner hat!  I don’t know about you, but I try me best to avoid any disasters and an audience with Davy Jones!

So thar she blows folks, a brief update of pirate engineering, both history and today’s latest achievements.  Don’t wait to invoke yer right to parlay a sample of the above products if ye can, but I warn ye’ pirate engineering ain’t for the faint of heart, or motion sickness!  Yar Har, I’ll leave ye with one final joke:

Why do pirates make the best voltmeters?

Because they are made of an infinite amount of ARRRRRRR!