TI claims 14 of EDN's Hot 100 Products of 2011

Other Parts Discussed in Post: TINA-TI

It's been a great year for new technology, and we're currently in the midst of awards season, when the media is rife with stories about the year's best and brightest new products. One such story is EDN's Hot 100 Products, an annual listing of the year's most innovative and promising new devices. Last year, we had eight products in that top 100, and this year, 14 of our devices made the cut. That's more than any other company, and is further evidence of the depth of our portfolio of products.

The TI products selected by EDN as among the best of the year are listed below; simply click on the part number for more information and to order samples and EVMs. Since we are on Analog Wire, we'll post the signal chain parts first. :)

  • OPA2188 - The industry's first zero-drift, 36-V operational amplifier (op amp). Compared to the competition, the dual-channel OPA2188 provides a 4x improvement in offset voltage drift, 60 percent improvement in initial offset voltage and twice the bandwidth at the same power consumption.

  • ADC12Dxx00RF family - The ADC12Dxx00RF analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) are the industry's first to directly sample RF signals beyond 2.7-GHz. A single ADC12Dxx00RF allows system designers to eliminate multiple intermediate frequency (IF) down-conversion stages in 3G/4G base stations and other radio applications. These 12-bit ADCs come in five versions with maximum sampling rates of 1.0, 1.6, 2.0, 3.2 and 3.6-Gsamples per second.

  • ADS5263 - The first quad-channel, 16-bit ADC for medical imaging applications, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The ADS5263 meets designers' needs for clear, crisp signals and faster acquisition times by delivering a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 84.6-dBFS with 10-MHz input and a sampling frequency of up to 100-MSPS.

  • TMP006 - The industry's first monolithic passive infrared (IR) MEMS temperature sensor. The TMP006 provides manufacturers of mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks, with the ability for contactless measurement of device case temperature and external objects using IR technology.

  • DRV8662 - The most highly integrated piezo haptic driver for mobile consumer and industrial designs. The DRV8662 features an integrated 105-V boost converter, power diode, and 50-V to 200-V peak-to-peak (Vpp) fully-differential amplifier, resulting in a solution size that is 50 percent smaller than leading competitors.

  • Tina-TI 9.1 - A major update to the popular TINA-TI SPICE-based design tool, version 9.1 includes 565 TI models, as well as a 5X speed increase over version 7.0, WAV files as stimulus (signal source) to play calculated waveforms on PC multimedia systems, a block diagram wizard, and five different language versions available (English, Japanese, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and Russian).

TI's power team garnered three placements on the list.

  • bq77910 -The industry's first fully integrated battery protection and cell-balancing solution for Li-Ion and lithium iron phosphate battery packs.

  • LM5113 - The industry's first 100-V half-bridge gate driver optimized for use with enhancement-mode GaN FETs in high-voltage power converters. 

  • LM3448 and TPS92070 - Highly integrated, phase-dimmable AC/DC LED lighting drivers for use in solid state lighting residential, architectural, commercial and industrial applications.

Three of our microcontroller (MCU) solutions were featured on the list as well.

  • LM4FX family - The first Cortex-M-based MCUs to be built on 65 nanometer (nm) technology, with floating point for performance headroom and best-in-class power consumption to address portability and power budgets.

  • MSP430AFE2xx - The industry's first programmable single-phase metrology devices supported with multiple communication interfaces.

Finally, our low power RF team had two devices chosen.

  • CC1180 and CC430 - Sub 1-GHz 6LoWPAN solutions, aimed at providing a gateway for remote, low-cost wireless sensors to connect to the Internet and a wireless extension of wired IPv6 infrastructures. TI's 6LoWPAN solutions offer longer wireless range at lower power levels than traditional 2.4-GHz-based 6LoWPAN offerings.

  • CC112x - The industry's highest performance narrowband RF transceiver, with range significantly beyond 10 km (137-dB link budget) and more than 60-dB adjacent channel rejection (20-dB more than nearest competition).

Are you using any of our products that you think should have made the cut as well? Let us know!