BMW’s all-new 2-Series Convertible drops the top, TI provides the headroom

It’s not every day that you get to stand on an empty Formula One Race track, and certainly even rarer is the ability to join your customer at the unveiling of a new product in such an amazing environment. Both of these were the case when BMW hosted TI at the Circuit of the Americas (CoTA) in Austin, TX in February as part of the launch of the all-new BMW 2-series convertible. The car is beautiful, but TI’s interest was mainly in the corresponding unveiling of the all new head-unit which is powered by the TI “Jacinto” family of devices.

BMW’s new head-unit delivers a faster, more responsive user interface and performance truly optimized for power and smaller package design, which enable higher freedom in the forming of the interior cabin.

The TI infotainment processors behind the all-new BMW head-unit employ the “Jacinto” mutli-core heterogeneous architecture, leveraging the latest generation ARM® Cortex®-A15 multicore CPUs and Imagination Technologies multicore 3D Graphics on OMAP5, and DRA65x “Jacinto 5” for advanced sound and audio capabilities. This architecture, leveraging OMAP5 for user-interface and “Jacinto 5” for vehicle interface functions, allows each to perform at the peak of their capabilities without compromising performance.

Check out the video overview from our day at the track below then experience this new head-unit from BMW and TI first-hand at a BMW dealer near you! And don’t be afraid to put the top down!