You ask for more, TI’s Automotive Processors team delivers

One of the most exciting aspects of the automotive business is the opportunity to constantly meet, discuss and be challenged by some of the most creative but demanding engineers around. I’ve not only had that chance, but recently when I was asked during a meeting “is that really all you can do with ‘Jacinto 6’ platform?” I will admit I was a bit frustrated. Despite all the innovation TI has put into its latest infotainment family of processors, we were not doing enough for these hard to please engineers. Frustration quickly converted to opportunity and looking backward, it was the starting point for an exciting and ambitious plan for “Jacinto 6” platform to reshape traditional infotainment architecture by integrating more functions into the infotainment processor without compromising on performance.

Having the capability to extend existing investments in infotainment by adding innovative new use-cases to enhance the driver’s awareness of the conditions both inside and outside the car, isn’t that cool? Having the opportunity for the “Jacinto 6” platform to embrace modern automotive cockpit and industry trends by adding non-safety information content to traditional In-vehicle-Infotainment (IVI) features to enhance driver experience, is beyond cool. Imagine opportunities to implement new features into the cockpit like having the vehicle automatically set up your digital preferences. What if you could monitor every angle of your vehicle at all times or personalize your HD virtual dashboard? Or imagine you could keep your eyes on the road while augmenting your perception or enhance your 3D navigation with head-up display augmented reality?

TI’s team signed up for the challenge and started to drive required hardware and software upgrades while keeping full compatibility across the entire “Jacinto 6” family. First, we strengthen the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and vision processing on our “Jacinto 6” family to enhance digital cockpit integration and announced (read press release) new DRA75x infotainment processors. Then we took our concept of informational ADAS to the next step and implemented a real informational ADAS system running on a single “Jacinto 6 Ex” processor at the CES 2015 show (watch video). And finally today we are introducing Informational Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (InfoADAS) Software Development Kit (SDK) (read press release), which provides scalability across High-Level Operating System (HLOS) and “Jacinto 6” devices, and delivers an automotive-ready InfoADAS framework for enabling ADAS algorithm integration into Infotainment SDK (watch video).

Together with InfoADAS SDK, the DRA75x processor provides a ready-to-go solution enabling innovative fusion between infotainment and informational ADAS.

I can't wait to see the enhanced driver experience our customers are creating thanks to these innovations and InfoADAS technologies, but they already asked for more … It’s really what I like about automotive business.