New developments in ADAS Systems

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 1.2 million people die as a result of a road traffic crash each year worldwide, and as many as 50 million are injured.  Most of these tragedies can be attributed to human error. From speeding, drinking and driving and distracted driving, many of these accidents could have been avoided. 

These statistics are alarming and make me proud to work at TI, which is committed to help make cars safer, greener and more fun.

TI recently announced the availability of its Vision software development kit (SDK), as well as the Embedded Vision Engine (EVE) and DSP libraries to ease development on the TDA2x SoCs for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). TI’s Vision SDK provides seamless framework on top of its SysBIOS RTOS to use TDA2x heterogeneous architecture.  The EVE and DSP Libraries offers more than 250 optimized vision functions running on EVE and DSP to help jump start development of algorithms on TDAx devices.

Everyone knows that algorithms and data flows in ADAS systems are very complex. TI’s innovative Vision SDK framework allows users to create different ADAS application data flows involving video capture, video pre-processing, video analytics algorithms and video display. The SDK has sample ADAS data flows which exercise different CPUs and HW accelerators in the ADAS SoC and show customers how to effectively use different SoC sub-systems. The SDK installer package includes all tools and components necessary to build such applications, including code gen tools, BIOS, IPC, starterware, BSP drivers, networking stacks, codecs and algorithm kernels.

TI’s Vision SDK is complemented with the optimized library functions for both EVE and DSP, providing both customers and third parties with the building blocks to jump start development and reduce the time to market. Additionally, both libraries are available for low-to-mid- and high-level vision processing.

Earlier this year at CES, , TI was pleased to showcased a surround view demo, as well as the industry’s first 1080p60 Dense optical flow in real-time demo built upon the EVE and DSP libraries.

TI believes that these software offerings will help customers effectively use the capabilities of TDAx SoCs while reducing development time and efforts.

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