Do. Or do not. There is no try

Summer break is over. Normally during this time of the year you plan to slow down a little bit, focus on your family and friends and dedicate more time to your hobbies. More than 10 years ago, I decided to develop good habits while in France. On top of experiencing la douceur de vivre in Provence, I also challenge myself on my bike on the roads of Le Tour de France. It has also become a rite to prove my training was efficient and summer break almost to an end to climb Le Mont Ventoux.

The road to the summit is not an easy one: 1,617 m in height over 21,8 km with average gradient of 8.9% on the last 16 km (my fellow cyclists understand what it means). Luckily, no wind this year. When I jump on my bike in the village of Bédoin enclosed by the “Bald Mountain”,  like 10 year ago for the first time, I always remind myself what Yoda, one of my favorite Star Wars characters says, “Do. Or do not. There is no try”.

It’s exactly the same feeling I had when I first met with the SAIC Motor (SAIC) and Alibaba Group (Alibaba) management team 20 months ago at busy 2015 CES in Vegas.  They presented the TI automotive team with a very exciting project which included a lot of technical challenges. Some of the challenges had never been solved in automotive so far. Last but not least in their aggressive plan, the first car equipped with this technology must be release to the market in the summer of 2016.

My Mont Ventoux experience was very useful when we committed to assist SAIC and Alibaba to deliver innovative digital driving experiences to their customers with the “Internet Car” project. I knew TI’s team was well trained, has the right product and skillset, the fighting spirit and “can do” attitude but road to the summit will be a difficult one as no one has yet to “climb” to such level of integration on a single automotive processor. As you can guess, TI’s team has the DNA to “DO” and today we’re really pleased to announce that on top of providing a number of new cloud features, customized data and voice control service, Roewe RX5 also integrates the industry’s first infotainment advanced driver assistance system (InfoADAS) supporting internet services empowered by TI “Jacinto 6” family of infotainment processors.

I hope you come back refreshed and ready to attack the second half of 2016 from your summer break. TI Automotive team will always keep good habits: challenge ourselves and push the limit. No Try. Always Do.