Solving the automotive EMI issues in new cars with all the screens

Automotive designs can sometimes be difficult to design, because there are so many different systems that must work together in one environment. The vehicle's exterior is where aerodynamics and appeal come together to provide performance and style. The mechanical side is where designers design for speed or mileage, and then our local garages make a killing fixing or tuning on a regular basis. Then, there is the inside, where spatial and electrical design must combine to enhance the driving experience and comfort.

The electrical design has its own nuances – functionality, interoperability and visual experience. TI creates solutions that help make it easy for designers working in that space, and the LP8860 backlight driver is a great example. The LP8860 backlight driver’s features appeal to car drivers and display designers. The driver brings together the best dimming ratio, the best EMI mitigation and a high switching frequency. A contrast ratio of >13000:1 and excellent dimming ratio  make it very appealing to the driver – enabling  lighting transitions to be smooth and imperceptible to the eye as the driver transitions in light and dark conditions. The EMI mitigation techniques built into the display driver also make the designer’s job easier when integrating it into a system where there are so many other electrical systems interacting together. The high switching frequency keeps it out of the AM radio band, which is a must for all those AM news and sports show enthusiasts.

Simplified block diagram.

With higher contrast and quality displays inside your vehicle, what sort of applications will benefit the most?

To learn more about the driver and its companion parts, visit LP8860-Q1, or check out TI’s other backlighting LED drivers, design resources, and block diagrams.