Launchpad in Education-

Welcome Card inside of the MSP430 Launchpad Box with Generation v1.5 MSP430 Launchpad 
(TI Orderable: MSP-EXP430G2)

The MSP430 Launchpad (TI Orderable: MSP-EXP430G2) was released at the end of 2009 and was targeted at "launching" the new Value Line Devices for MSP430. Priced at $4.30-- the platform is still revolutionizing the Microcontroller market in regards to price and performance.

 "Why Settle for 8bit Performance?" is a question that has been more and more common since Launchpad's release. Traditionally, 8bit processors were cheaper than their larger counterparts and offered less integration of peripherals. However, with the introduction of the MSP430 ValueLine-- 16bit processors with a peripheral offering to rival any standard product line at prices beginning as low as $0.25-- that perception is fading away.

The Launchpad-- or the Development-kit for MSP430Gxx ValueLine Devices-- is also shifting perceptions.

In today's world, educators must find ways to be able to prepare their students for the world beyond the classroom. One of the most effective methods is grounding the theory based learning students experience with the application-oriented hands-on method. Introducing hardware into courses gives students the additional reinforcement of concepts learned in theory by a tactile "experiential" based learning. Not  only  does the introduction help the students prepare for the future, but is seen by students as fun and relevant.

Traditionally hardware could only be introduced at the Laboratory setting due to the high cost associated with equipment, software, hardware and qualified managers to oversee the process.  Many times these laboratories only existed in higher level University settings.
Now  there exists a platform that is not only able to offer the performance needed to create innovative and interesting projects, but more importantly is accessible to all levels of students.

Launchpad's pocket size coupled with being at a price point less than what most students could afford by skipping lunch-- Educators can now both introduce hardware in places where laboratory resources were not afforded previously and to a broader audience.

So, if you haven't acquainted yourself with the MSP430 Launchpad-- I encourage you to do so.

If you are educator, contact the University Program at
Otherwise, take a peek at the page. Some really exciting things will be coming to that link soon, so keep it in mind!

The platform is designed to have "Everything you Require" on hand.
This means no additional purchases of a FET tool, or needing to solder components to get running---
This is done with on-board USB-Debugg and emulation (top half of the board).
The software is included.
Features include: 2 Push buttons for user generated input, onboard emulation over USB (USB Cable included), 2 male 10 pin headers for expansion for BoosterPacks (covered later), JTAG Pin out, Pocket Sized form factor and most importantly-- a 20 pin DIP socket. 

That 20 Pin DIP Socket is what makes the MSP430 Launchpad evaluation platform different from all other platforms
This enables students to remove the chip and plug it directly into a breadboard if required.
Unlike the more expensive ZIF connector EVM's where the Chip is still interchangeable--- the DIP socket is relatively low cost and is supported by TI's only DIP Packaged option microcontroller, the MSP430Gxx series devices.

The chip on board is what makes the launchpad possible.

The fully featured MSP430Gxx series (more can be found looking at the MSP430 Value Line Device page) features a 16 bit Ultra Low Power Architecture.
Based on a 27 Instruction Set RISC Processor, this processor is more than enough to get students up and running and learning about embedded development.
Each new kit ships with 2 devices and many of the boosterpacks come with an additional device that is pre-programmed.

Training Material:

 Stay tuned for the New Teaching ROM that will be Available 3Q 2012.
Pre-releases of the material can be obtained by emailing

We also have a variety of trainings found on the TTO (TI Technical Training Organization) Website here:

Including Launchpad Training in Chinese!
Ask and we can provide you a copy of the CD-ROM with the training on it!

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