Students change the world with 3 innovative projects

As technology continues to evolve and advance, students across the globe are stepping up to push the boundaries on what’s possible to make modern solutions more efficient and accurate. Not only do these students ideate and create; they’re now preparing to take their products to market as emerging entrepreneurs. Three projects from groups of students at three different universities excelled in pushing the boundaries for efficiency and accuracy in the 2016 Texas Instruments (TI) Innovation Challenge European Design Contest. The three winning teams had the opportunity to attend a week of entrepreneurship workshops held at the UnternehmerTUM Center for Innovation and Business Creation of the Technical University of Munich in Germany and presented their ideas at electronica. Learn more about their innovations:

Shelmet from students at the University of Bologna (Italy)

First Prize: Automotive

The Shelmet is a smart and sustainable helmet that alerts motorcyclists of potential dangers on the road using an embedded series of sensors. Some of these sensors include:

  • An alcohol sensor to detect the amount of alcohol on the driver’s breath to prohibit driving under the influence.
  • An LCD display to show data to the driver such as “Low Visibility.”
  • An Infrared Camera that can detect obstacles in the road ahead at night.
  • A light and temperature sensor.
  • An eye blink detector to ensure that the driver is not falling asleep.

The team achieved their goal of sustainability in designing the helmet to be self-sufficient using solar-kinetic power. In the future they want to explore new energy sources (like thermal energy), implementation of a display using the new transparent screen technology, and the development of a smart phone app in order to analyze the connectivity for the helmet.

TI Technology Used: Two MSP432P401R LaunchPad™ development kits and a BOOSTXL-EDUMKII Educational BoosterPack™ plug-in module.