Laser focus on the future of TV

One thing that never seems to change is that technology continues to evolve. There is always the next big thing. When I think about traditional TVs, I wonder, what’s next? Everyone wants a big screen TV but when do they become so big that they are not manageable and too hard to move? The answer to both of these questions very well could be Laser TV. 

Laser TVs are growing in popularity due to their flexibility and mobility. These compact, portable devices can deliver over a 100-inch screen and still be easily moved from room to room or hidden away when needed. 

What exactly is a Laser TV?

Laser TVs use cutting edge laser phosphor technology to deliver bright, colorful displays and can last up to 20,000 hours. Lasers are quickly being adopted by the Cinema industry as the illumination source of choice because of their high efficiency, reduced maintenance costs and increased color gamut. With Laser TVs, consumers will be able to bring the cinema experience into their own homes to watch whatever they want to watch wherever they want to watch it. 

Another key benefit of Laser TV systems is the integration of ultra-short throw optics, which allows a Laser TV to be placed just inches away from a screen or wall and project a big, bright image. While a Laser TV can project a great image on virtually any surface, pairing it with a high performance screen provides the maximum image quality. Through wifi and smart connectivity, users can stream the latest shows and online movies. And, with its compact form factor, it can be carried from room to room and hidden when you want to change the décor or use the space for something else.

What is the benefit of DLP® technology?

DLP technology has a wide variety of display chips, also known as digital micromirror devices (DMDs), to choose from to meet many system requirements and applications. Different DMD chips can be used to meet a myriad of form factors and specifications. The DLP660TE DMD and DLPC4422 high speed controller enables swift refresh rates with low latency for fast action movies, sports, and gaming.

DLP Products leads the industry in laser display applications. With an extensive ecosystem of optical module manufactures and design houses, developers can quickly evaluate the technology and accelerate the design process.

What is happening with Laser TV now?

Laser TV’s are creating a buzz in the industry and just starting to become commercially available. Companies like Hisense and Changhong have led the way with 4K UHD and 1080P resolution models. Hisense’s latest 4K Laser Cast TV displays stunning 4K UHD content  and supports HDR, wide color gamut and a 5.1 audio system. Changhong’s sleek 100Q2LZ is a 100” laser TV incorporating 3D, and a 5.1 audio system. With the Android 4.4 system, users can stream content through a variety of online apps. Many more models are expected to follow.

We are just at the beginning of seeing the quality and benefits that Laser TVs bring to the market and there is an exciting future ahead. Read our Laser TV white paper to learn more about this technology.