A chip that is as versatile as the designs you create

Technology evolves quickly. I may be pointing out the obvious, but this simple fact can cause many headaches when you are constantly trying to keep up with the changing landscape by using new components on a regular basis. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to stumble across a product family with a proven track record of performance, integration and long-term support that you could use in your designs for years to come?

Our C2000™ real-time control microcontrollers (MCUs), from our early F281x MCUs to our newer Delfino™ and Piccolo™ MCU families, can provide you with that peace of mind. Twelve years ago, we announced the ahead-of-their-time C2000 TMS320F2812 and TMS320F2810 MCUs, offering integration of high-performance digital signal processing, high-precision analog and flash memory on a single chip. This combination of performance and integration made them customer favorites for an extensive range of applications, including drives and automation, automotive, aerospace, digital power, solar and smart grid technology. While these features alone will enhance your designs, you can also rest easy knowing that these chips have been around for 12 years and continue to ship to customers around the world to this day. In fact, we have shipped tens of millions of F281x MCUs to date.

The F281x MCUs were just the beginning of the C2000 MCU’s current roadmap of leadership in motor control applications. Our C2000 Delfino and Piccolo MCU families leverage the same successful DSP-capable C28x core, enabling customers to develop highly compact, high-performance, real-time control systems that require a minimum number of external support devices. These two families of MCUs consistently integrate sophisticated features and peripherals — including programmable gain amplifiers (PGAs), the trigonometric math unit (TMU) accelerator and high-resolution pulse width modulators (HRPWMs) — to help developers continue to “ride the wave” of TI’s leadership and differentiated real-time systems for years to come.

If real-time control, high performance integration and longevity of support are what you are seeking, then our C2000 real-time control MCUs may offer the solution you’re looking for. This promise held true 12 years ago, and our solutions will continue to help you differentiate your designs well into the future. Let us know—what was your first C2000 real-time control MCU design, and how do you plan to use them in the future?